Professional, Truckmounted Equipment

Orlando Carpet Cleaning Services only uses new, top-of-the-line, permanently installed truck-mounted equipment. Our high performance, state of the art, carpet cleaning machinery ensures that our customers receive the best quality cleaning, every single time!
All of Orlando Carpet Cleaning Services' vehicles are equipped with two massive storage tanks, one for filtered fresh water and one for waste water disposal. Orlando Carpet Cleaning Services never uses recycled, dirty water or sewer drains.
Orlando Carpet Cleaning Services' vehicles are equipped with specialized heat pumps to produce 240 degree steam to clean, sanitize carpets, and eliminate germs.
Orlando Carpet Cleaning Services' vehicles use industrial, high-grade pressure pumps to deep clean carpets.
All of Orlando Carpet Cleaning Services' vehicles have high suction vacuums to extract liquids from the carpeting, leaving carpets virtually dry.
Orlando Carpet Cleaning Services' truckmount accessories include 300 feet of vacuum and solution hoses, stainless steel wands of all sizes, stair tools, upholstery tools, sub-surface cleaning tools, commercial floor vacuums, carpet grooming tools, turbo drying fans, protective equipment and many other supplies.
To ensure that our clients receive the very best service, Orlando Carpet Cleaning Services replaces equipment every year.
At Orlando Carpet Cleaning Services, we are proud of the equipment we own. We keep it clean and well-maintained to ensure maximum cleaning performance.

We take pride in our equipment!
Orlando Carpet Cleaning Services extends an open invitation to our clients to tour our trucks