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Advanced Carpet Cleaning Package

               The Best All-Inclusive Carpet Cleaning Process!

  • Professional carpet vacuuming (if required)
  • FREE Steaming of baseboards
  • FREE unlimited spot/stain treatment
  • Carpet pre-conditioning enzyme prespray with dust mite control
  • INCLUDES Heavy duty hospital-grade sanitizer
  • 100% non-toxic, natural, residue-free cleaning process
  • 240 degree high pressure deep steam cleaning
  • Advanced spot/stain removal
  • Carpet neutralization
  • INCLUDES Carpet deodorizer, both topical and deep injections!
  • Small furniture moving (upon request, except bedrooms)
  • FREE 3M advanced Scotchgard protectant application.
  • Carpet grooming / raking (if required)
  • Protective shoe covers provided
  • Fast drying process, Drys in 2-6 hours*, no overwetting or risk of mold, mildew or Rot.
  • Residue-free cleaning process. No soil-attracting residue left behind; carpets stay cleaner longer.
  • Traffic area paper applied (if needed) 
  • 100% satisfaction money back guarantee (see guarantee link for more details)
  • 1 Standard area = 144sf or less (12' x12')
  • Check special offers link above for more info!
  • SALE: 3 standard areas for $99.99 Regular price $199.99
  • SALE: $33.33 each for any additional areas Regular price$69.99each 
  • SALE $33.33 each for staircase or hallway Regular price $69.99each

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 Restoration Carpet Cleaning

  • Super duty heavy treatment pre-spray
  • High pressure deep steam cleaning
  • Double pass high PH pre-treatment
  • Corners and edges treatment
  • Microban Green Sanitizer Pre-treatment
  • High pressure baseboard steaming
  • Permanent spot and stain removal treatments
  • Attached Closets included with the cleaning
  • Oxy-Brightener Application
  • Extreme odor eliminator application
  • 3m advanced Scotchgard application

    Only for use when carpet appears to need replacement

$99.99 for up to 300SF of carpet (Minimum)

$49.99 for each additional 144SF of carpet

$49.99 for each staircase or Hallway

Call for additional packages!

Make sure you hire a company with IICRC Certified Technicians! Our Master IICRC Certified Technicians are Certified in every aspect of their work. Our technicians are trained on how to use the equipment properly, stain and odor removal, and special Certifications for every single service that we offer. Our goal is to give you the best clean for your cleaning dollar!

A word of advice, if you are shopping around for price. Make sure you ask the company exactly what the price includes and if they are licensed, bonded and insured!
Compare packages to make sure you get the most for your cleaning dollar!

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Why Choose Our Company?
  • Only Professional, Truck-Mounted, State-Of-The-Art Equipment Is Used.
  • Orlando Carpet Cleaning Services Comes To Your Home With Professional Truckmounts, Not Beat-Up, Low-Quality Machines
  • No Portable Machine Carpet Cleaning, Only Professional Truckmounts Are Used
  • IICRC Certified Technicians With Minimum 8 Years Experience
  • Competitively Priced For A Professional Carpet Cleaning Service
  • Premium Cleaning Products Which Are Applied Properly By Our Experienced Technicians, Giving The Best Stain Removal Results
  • Our Professional Equipment Paired With Our Certified, Courteous, Skilled Technicians Ensures That You Receive The Best Quality Carpet Cleaning In Orlando!
  • Orlando Carpet Cleaning Services Ensures That You Receive The Best Quality Carpet Cleaning In Orlando With Our Satisfaction Guarantee.




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Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Orlando Carpet Cleaning Services 20 Point ADVANCED carpet  cleaning service is an exclusive program. This ADVANCED service includes very specialized equipment and chemicals. Orlando Carpet Cleaning Services only allows specific operator teams to perform this service. Advance carpet cleaning certified technicians are dispatched and most small furniture is moved. Carpets in most cases are returned to better than new condition. All soils including dirt, dust mites, perspiration, abrasive soils, natural oils, pet by-products, dust, grease, oil, and ground in foods will be removed. All smells including smoke, pet odors, food, and other smells are effectively removed. Fast dry times are a result from the extreme suction power from our advanced truck mounted equipment. 3M Scotchgard is applied to help prevent re-soiling and to protect against permanent stains caused by accidental spills. Your home is left with a clean smell and a healthy environment. Our highly effective, 100% green products are used in this process. All products are 100% baby and pet safe.  

        Extreme Pet Carpet   
        Cleaning Service

  • Pre-inspection with a high power blacklight; identifies urine stains not seen by the eye
  • Carpet pet pre-spotting with 100% pet-safe spotter  
  • Heavy duty Hepa Vac (if needed)
  • Carpet pet enzyme pre-conditioning with 100% pet-safe treatment 
  • Pet by-product heavy duty pet-safe sanitizer
  • 100% Pet-safe Urine Destroyer application
  • 100% Pet-safe yellow and dark spot removal treatments  
  • 240 degree heavy soil double pass high presssure deep steam cleaning 
  • 100% Pet-safe pet enzyme heavy duty deodorizer application
  • 100% Pet-safe Deodorizer Deep injections if needed 
  • 100% Pet-safe Air Deodorizer
  • Double pass drying for faster drying time
  • FREE 3m advanced scotchgard protectant applied
  • 1 Standard area = 144sf or less
  • Sale: 2 Standard Areas for $99.99 Regular Price $199.99
  • Sale: Additional Standard Areas $49.99 each Regular Price $99.99 each 
  • Sale: Standard Hallways and Staircases $49.99 each Regular Price $99.99 each
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    Professional Carpet Protection
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    At Orlando Carpet Cleaning Services, we believe in professional and honest service. We will give you competitive pricing for a high-quality cleaning service and get it done quickly. All your carpet, rug, tile, upholstery, and Carpet Repair needs can be found right here at Orlando Carpet Cleaning Services. We ensure that all of our services, except for carpet restoration, use non-toxic chemicals. Our cleaning methods are nearly odorless and safe for children and pets. Our low-moisture hot water extraction method is recommended by carpet manufacturers and fiber producers. All technicians are IICRC Certified by the institute of cleaning and restoration. If your looking for hassle-free service, at Orlando Carpet Cleaning Services you can expect a simple and quick job. We don't allow up-selling, bait and switch or sales add-on in your home. We package our services to include everything your carpet needs. Their are no surprises when you get your final bill. No more searching around, Orlando Carpet Cleaning Services is your one-stop shop for all of your cleaning needs!

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    Professional Carpet Spot Dye

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    Professional Carpet Stretching

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              Professional Carpet Repairs

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